As the title implies, fighters your all-purpose fighting men. Serving in from bodyguard, to mercenary, to soldier, fighters come in all manner of specialties and professions. With work, they’re capable of using nearly every war implement in existence.

Skill CapsEdit

  • Anatomy: 75% (recommended initial skill)
  • Archery: 100%
  • Axemanship: 100%
  • Camping: 100%
  • Exotic Weaponry: 100%
  • Fencing: 100%
  • Unarmed Fighting: 75%
  • Healing: 75% (recommended initial skill)
  • Leadership: 100%
  • Linguistics: 100%
  • Lumberjacking: 25%
  • Macing: 100%
  • Mining: 50% (recommended initial skill)
  • Parry: 100% (recommended initial skill)
  • Polearms: 100%
  • Riding: 100%
  • Swords: 100%
  • Tactics: 100% (recommended initial skill)
  • Throwing: 75%


Shield Bash

Deflect Projectiles


Armour Focus

Focused Attack

Flurry of Blows

Flashy Attack

Crippling Blow

Critical Strike

Brute Strength

Quick Reflexes

Greatweapon Fighting

Shield Mastery


Back to Back

Sunder Weapon

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