Master of the bow and little else, the Archer is a dedicated individual. Considering the time and practice it takes to become as accurate with missile weapons as this individual is, are incredibly important to any martial venture. Indispensable in any form of combat, the cover these professionals provide can turn the tide of any battle. Whether it’s bows or crossbows, an archer can accurately rain hell on their enemies, even at incredible distances.

Skill CapsEdit

  • Anatomy: 75% (recommended initial skill)
  • Archery: 100% (recommended initial skill)
  • Axemanship: 75%
  • Camping: 100%
  • Exotic Weaponry: 75%
  • Fencing: 75%
  • Fletching: 25% (recommended initial skill)
  • Unarmed Fighting: 75%
  • Healing: 75% (recommended initial skill)
  • Leadership: 100%
  • Linguistics: 100%
  • Lumberjacking: 50% (recommended initial skill)
  • Macing: 75%
  • Mining: 25%
  • Parry: 75%
  • Polearms: 75%
  • Riding: 100%
  • Swords: 75%
  • Tactics: 100% (recommended initial skill)
  • Throwing: 100%


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